Techaran Wallet

Financing became easy.

Pay, receive and have more control over your money across Techaran.

Techaran Wallet

Cross platform

Use Techaran Wallet across all services you love from Techaran. Pay, receive and buy all from one wallet.

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Techaran Wallet

Bank cards

Manage your bank cards and link them to your Techaran Wallet. Where you can choose to transfer money between your wallet and bank account.

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Transactions are encrypted to make sure no organization or government can track your activities across Techaran*.

Work faster

By using Techaran Wallet to pay, you don't have to connect to your bank card everytime you are going to buy something.

Available everywhere

Use Techaran Wallet across all Techaran Services to pay or receive money safer, faster and easier.


Link your digital currency wallet with your Techaran Wallet, pay and receive in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies*.