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Artison Parking

Automize parking lots and better manage every spot in your parking using Artison Devices.

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Artison Gates

Automated Gates that work based on RFID, fingerprint and face recognition technologies to manage entrance.

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Artison Cloud

Artison PaaS cloud services for businesses of all sizes, get your data and works on cloud with Artison.

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Industry solutions

Learn about how Techaran empowers all industries with technologies. Governments, retail, enterprises, education and media industries that rely on Techaran Services.

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Become a Delivery Partner

We are welcoming delivery agencies and logistic companies that can deliver orders faster and more affordably for Techaran Market.

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Techaran Security

Learn about how Techaran Services work together without exposing your privacy.

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Myken Elections

Future of voting is right now.

Many governments, organizations, enterprises and groups are looking for a way to host elections safer and spend less on this process,...

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Techaran Education

a Chance to learn.

Announcing new educational programs helping everyone learn more about Computer Science.

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